Since I first developed The Lair, the PICO-8 console has changed considerably - most notably, it now supports 60 FPS games. If there is a genre that can benefit from more frames per second, it's precise skill-based beat'em ups. And I made one of those.

So, I have now updated the code for the new version of PICO-8, and it now runs at a spry 60 frames per second. I also revisited some of the pixel art and tweaked the combo mechanics, so the game should both look and feel better.

Enjoy! :)

Medals for The Lair

2016-08-18 16:44:25 by krajzega

Medals now have Lair, I mean, Lair now has medals!

So, go unlock'em, I guess? :) I know I can't (for some of them).